I recently enjoyed presenting for The British School’s 2021 conference, entitled ‘reflecting, redefining, reimagining’.

My two sessions were focused on music technology in secondary and post-16 music, with a focus on both music technology as a tool to facilitate musical learning and specific music technology skills.

I’ve decided to share some of the resources and videos I used in my sessions here. To put them into context, one of the sessions was focused on tasks involving sampling, the other more associated with general ways of integrating music technology into teaching and resources to support teachers in doing so.

Brian Eno – Music for Airports – sampling and tape loops

Sergeant Pepper 4-track Multitracks – how the technology has an impact on the music

Billie Eilish making ‘Bad Guy’ – found sounds and sampling everyday objects

Some great links to music technology teaching resources

Chrome music lab – https://musiclab.chromeexperiments.com

Ableton ‘learning music’ – https://learningmusic.ableton.com/index.html

Ableton ‘learning synths’ – https://learningsynths.ableton.com/

Track breakdowns to engage students

Calvin Harris – ‘Slide’: track breakdown

Tones & I – ‘Dance Monkey: track breakdown